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Salt and Pepper Quick, hide the plate! Amazing Transparent Desktop Ben and Jerry Commercial

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Walker Texas Ranger clip on Conan Extreme Mountain Biking Phat Christmas Lights Mama!

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Chuck Norris playing poker Japan Cute Puppy Chalk Drawing 10 - Climbing Down... Upside-down

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Youdasperm Adrenaline Hunga: Basic Needs Park-A-Lot

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School Dad is home Schfifty Five Bird / Tree

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Salt and Pepper
It's not the band, it's just food... I'm sorry. *sneezes* (picture)
Quick, hide the plate!
Just in case you need to get away. (movie)
Amazing Transparent Desktop
I have NO idea how he did this. This is a good place to point out that there is no Photoshop in any of these transparent desktop pics... wow. (edit: i get it now ;) (picture)
Ben and Jerry Commercial
An old favorite. (movie)
Walker Texas Ranger clip on Conan
Chuck Norris is in this clip, so you'll watch it. (movie)
Extreme Mountain Biking
This is what happens when you try to cheat. Ouch.. (movie)
Phat Christmas Lights
Worth the load-time... pretty sweet! (movie)
What a tool! (movie)
Chuck Norris playing poker
I was sure he had the nut flush. (picture)
Japan: Producing 78% of the world's weird shit. Since 1952. (picture)
Cute Puppy
'Nuff said. (picture)
Chalk Drawing 10 - Climbing Down... Upside-down
These are all actually flat... very cool. (picture)
You're swimming on a mission. For some reason this game seems oddly familiar... (game)
Warning: This game is addicting. (game)
Hunga: Basic Needs
A connect-the-pipes game. One of the most fun and addictive games from totallygame.com (game)
If you have the urge to practice being a valet without actually getting paid for it... here's your shot. (game)
Warning: This contains extreme violence. Young children should not watch this. (flash movie)
Dad is home
Isn't this how everyone's dad rocks out when they get home? (flash movie)
Schfifty Five
Music video for Group X's "Schfifty Five" (flash movie)
Bird / Tree
This is my favorite flash movie ever. Watch it. (flash movie)