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Legoman Joint Cake - Comfort Eagle music video Bird / Tree Dad is home

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Cute Puppy
'Nuff said. (picture)
Tokyo Opera
From that crazy Tokyo Plastic site. Very weird: je temme. (flash movie)
Splash and Dash
A 'Need for Speed' meets 'Poll Position' game. Customize your car and race it against the competition to get more money to customize even more. (game)
Israeli Military girl
Who you callin a [random jewish slur here]? (picture)
Lindsay Lohan Boobie Bounce
Short and very sweet! (movie)
Stupid Dog
I don't know if it's insane or just bored... but I'll point and laugh anyway. (movie)
We all need some pink in our lives...am I right? (movie)
Human Katamari
In case you are confused, Katamari Damacy is a Japanese game where you roll everything on the planet into a ball. (movie)
Jew Jitsu
Pwned by the Shwartz
You've been pwned by Darth Helmet. (picture)
Arkansas State Quarter
Every state has at least one thing to brag about... (picture)
Pwned. (picture)
A fun memory game. You get shown the location of all of the cards for a moment, then it becomes a game like 'concentration' until you finish. (game)
You're swimming on a mission. For some reason this game seems oddly familiar... (game)
Virus 2
An intellectually refreshing board-game: change the color of your infection to spread to all similar-colored squares next to you.

Reminds me of Proximity (game)
Fly and walk around the picnic table and get fed. Watch out for the fly-swatter. (game)
Legoman Joint
Yeah, because I got high. (flash movie)
Cake - Comfort Eagle music video
Since Cake doesn't often make their own videos, others take up the task in order to rock on completely. (flash movie)
Bird / Tree
This is my favorite flash movie ever. Watch it. (flash movie)
Dad is home
Isn't this how everyone's dad rocks out when they get home? (flash movie)