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Lot of pumpkins You cannot conquer the cube. Multiple Transparent Desktops Anime


Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.

Transparent Desktop
These things are cool

Transparent Desktop
This one is really clear.

Transparent Desktop
I can see your feet!

X-Ray Desktop
Gotta get me one of these.

Translucent desktop
A phat kitchen with a phat translucent computer screen

Transparent desktop
Very clear... that someone's an iTool. Cool desktop tho.

Multiple Transparent Desktops
Color issues, but definitely still wicked.

Thumbs Up!
Thumbs up!

Amazing Transparent Desktop
I have NO idea how he did this. This is a good place to point out that there is no Photoshop in any of these transparent desktop pics... wow. (edit: i get it now ;)

Transparent Desktop
A classic. No photoshop.

Transparent Desktop Reachthrough
No photoshop... clever.

He had it comin.

What is that?

Choke On This!
Now I know why the clowns are always smiling.

Hamster Fight
Ok...this is for those of you who do not like your hamster. Or maybe you do, and you just want it to kill. Nutz.

Hot Army Chick
So... I'm enlisting, who's with me?

Killer pumpkin
Is that a Tenetian skeleton pull?

Israeli Military Chicks
No wonder so many Israeli guys enlist!

Royal Navy chick
Looks like she could use the help of some sea men... get it? Nevermind.

Israeli Military girl
Who you callin a [random jewish slur here]?

More Israeli Military girls
I don't care that I'm not Israeli, I'm joining their army.

Hot Israeli Military chick
Part of me doubts that this is real, but a bigger, harder part of me doesn't care.

Pumpkin cannibalism

Lot of pumpkins
That's just a lot of pumpkins, I don't know how else to put it.

Black Pumpkin
What? It's backlit... so it's black!

Sexual Harassment Policy
Read up!

Fsck Winter
I hear ya.

Sunset from Space
Pretty cool

Funny T-Shirt

Haunted Mansion Sandcastle
This is pretty much what you used to make as a kid, right?

Public Bathroom
I don't think I could do it.

Cute Puppy
'Nuff said.

Bulls on Parade

Paris Hilton
She apparently only has ONE pose.

They are Penn State!
PSU fans might be just a little insane... but it's more likely that they're a whole lotta insane.

Uh... is that in case I get lost??

Chuck Norris playing poker
I was sure he had the nut flush.

It's going to be a good year!

Shark Hunting Cake
Shark-hunting is delicious. (yes, that's a pond of blue jello in a coconut)

What's up?
Just chillin.

I gained 5 pounds looking at this picture.

Chalk Drawing 1 - Coke Bottle
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 2 - Seal
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 3 - Sailboat in Puddle
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 4 - Sony VAIO
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 5 - Hole in Sidewalk
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 6 - Rembrandt Chalk
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 7 - Guy Drawing Himself
These are all actually flat... very cool. This one is very M.C. Escher-like.

Chalk Drawing 8 - Falling Down a Well
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 9 - Bugspray
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 10 - Climbing Down... Upside-down
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 11 - Lady Tanning
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 12 - Make Poverty History
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 12 - Make Poverty History (Part II)
This is what the drawing looks like from a different angle.

Chalk Drawing 14 - Spiderman
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 15 - Batman & Robin
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Chalk Drawing 17 - Digging for Gold
This had to have taken him a month to do...

Chalk Drawing 16 - Lady in Pool
These are all actually flat... very cool.

Strung out whatchamacallit
Whatever this thing is, it's a safe bet that he had too much caffeine (or something).

MS W0rd
It's Microsoft... Word.

Lucky Sphinx.

dIL Shoutout!
That's right baby, make room for the logo! Booyah. If you send us your dIL shout-outs (the fingers spell the initials), we'll put 'em up!

Baby's First Cake
I feel guilty besmudging such a cute picture with our dirty logo.

Tons of Cubes!
When I really need to do It Later... MUCH later, I turn to a cube or two.

Pwned by the Shwartz
You've been pwned by Darth Helmet.

He's Fly
Just chillin' because he knows he's fly.

Desperate or Romantic?
This is what happens when a school has too much time and not enough girls.

Optimus Prime 2008
I imagine he has strong foreign policy.

This Is My Rifle
There are many like it, but this one is mine... hua!

Booze Time!
Well, in that case...


Cat Bath
Painfully cute.

World Cup Pwnage
In honor of the World Cup, this guy had to get his face pwned to make doItLater.com just that much better!

Spyware everywhere
The internet is fun.

You cannot conquer the cube.
The cube conquers you.

Love Birds
Ah, to be clay and in love!

Sign in China
In China, you are not allowed to drive exploding cars.

Genetic Engineering gone too far
Don't worry... it's photoshop. Give it a couple of weeks and it'll be real though.

Funny sign
I don't get it... groceries, sporting-goods store, clothes, party-goods. Where's the joke? ;)

Dirty car graffiti

Get to the choppa!
"...we were just kids back in 'Nam"

Construction sign
This is what traffic is like in your state.

Salt and Pepper
It's not the band, it's just food... I'm sorry. *sneezes*

Honest homeless guy
He's still trying to hustle you for money, but at least he's telling the truth.

Pumpkin Computer Case
If it doesn't cool the computer well, you end up with a free pumpkin pie. Win-win situation.

What's up NOW puddycat?

Stripper tricycle, dIL shoutout?
So some frat guys put a stripper on a tricycle and sent it in. I fail to see the connection... but at least they threw up a dIL hand-sign.

Apparently Innocent
It looks so innocuous... look again (might take a minute).

Arkansas State Quarter
Every state has at least one thing to brag about...

John Ashcroft Porn Mosaic
A picture of John Ashcroft (who opposes pr0n) made out of... pr0n

Jeopardy - a truly l33t wager.
This was the CMU student's final wager before winning the entire College Jeopardy season.

This thing is freaked out (and it's freaking me out a little too).

Whoever said Macs were all form and no function?

Becks Beer Computer
Another beer-dispensing computer.

Pluto's Facebook feed
Poor Pluto.

Burried Smokers
A fitting ceiling painting in a smoking area.

What a bunch of losers. I think I went to high-school with these guys.

I know a bunch of guys who rode that airline in college just because it was the cheapest.

Weird Men's Room
This could be either the most entertaining or the most uncomfortable men's room in the world.

Invisible Sandwich

Sonic The Coder
Hedgehogs are l33t. They code so fast their fingers make a bluish-white blur.

Cat Sniper
One Shot. One Kill. No Exceptions.

The end of the stupid commercials
They decided to discontinue the annoying "I'm a Mac" commercials... TV viewers everywhere: rejoice!

Wanna-be (warning: slur)
The yellow duck lives in the suburbs and listens to gangsta rap.

She stole my fish

Cristie Kerr... kissing it
There's one for the family photo-album... Please: think before you fellate.

Cancer cell
Been a while since we put up something microscopic... so here's a cancer cell moving into a filter pore.

Don't fall asleep tanning
OMG, look at all that sun-damage! Oh wait, that's not the point of the picture...

Some pilots

1337 wager on The Price Is Right

Mountain Dew Christmas Tree
A Christmas tree made out of 400+ cans of Mountain Dew, a PVC-pipe trunk and a 2-liter bottle for the star.

Pumpkin cannibalism pt. 2
A photoshopped spoof of the Pumpkin Cannibalism picture, featuring a cameo by poor Mr. Bill (click 'pumpkin' tag to find the other pic).

No Trespassing
Don't trespass - they really mean it.

Remorseful cat
I made you a cookie... but I eated it.

Nursing Instincts

Porn Usage Graph
Whoever made this has far too much time 'on their hands' ;)

Dunkin' Donuts
I like Dunkin' Donuts too, but damn.

Japan: Producing 78% of the world's weird shit. Since 1952.

Dog Bird
Or is it bird-dog?

Anime: Drugs would be cheaper.

The Rules
They may be stupid, arbitrary and irritating, but God help you if you break them.

French Snakes On A Plane (SOAP)
huah huah huah! (that's my French laugh)

Here's that seal again. He's much funnier with bad grammar and a bucket.

Danger Cat
I sense danger. (all of these cat pictures have captions written on them already... no fun for me!)

The Liver Is Evil
It must be punished.

Baseball Bat
He's in the perfect position to get her.

Janet Jackson + Howard Dean
Watch two stars commit career-suicide in the same picture thanks to the magic of Photoshop.

"Awesome: It's comforting to know that no matter what you do in life it will never be as awesome as this picture."

Ninjas: There are four of them in this picture.

You're Doing It Wrong

Bananaphone - Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring BANANAPHONE Doo doo dee doo dee doo.

Delicious Cake
This is delicious cake. You must eat it.

You make bunny cry

Ya rly.

Little Asian Girl
She'll fuck your shit up.

Time Paradox
I divided by Zero. OH SHI-

Yor doing it wrong.

Sure, They Look Cute Now
But wait till they drive through your fucking azaleas

You make me smile just like this.

Jew Jitsu

What is this?
SPARTAAAAA! (final answer Regis).

Hugs time?
Is it can be hugs tiem now plees?

Chipmunk love
Awww, that's sweet.

It's A Trap!
Admiral Ackbar knows when it's a trap.

Traffic Monster
This is about the only thing that could make your commute take even longer.

I hate sandcastles
That kid means business.

I Shot The Serif
...but I did not shoot the century (gothic).

You're Being Monitored
You Are Being Monitored

Oh, hi.


Face in car headlights
Once you see that face, you can\'t NOT see the face even if you try.

No matter how many times you try, you can\'t shoot the dog in Duck Hunt.

Subliminal Messaging
Some shows are "Coming Soon" to Galaxy Cinemas.

Peep Show
Returning to dIL\'s roots as a more college-targeted site, here\'s a Peep Show for your enjoyment.

Even if you hate everything... no one hates hula hoops.

The real WWF
The new logo after the merger of the World Wildlife Federation and the World Wrestling Federation.

Snoop Dogg in Pittsburgh gear
I guess Snoop Dogg really is a Pittsburgh fan.

Don't Look At This Chicken!
You just lost.

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Lot of pumpkins
That's just a lot of pumpkins, I don't know how else to put it. (picture)
You cannot conquer the cube.
The cube conquers you. (picture)
Multiple Transparent Desktops
Color issues, but definitely still wicked. (picture)
Anime: Drugs would be cheaper. (picture)