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Don't Look At This Chicken! Snoop Dogg in Pittsburgh gear The real WWF Hula-Goth
Peep Show Subliminal Messaging Frustration Face in car headlights
YA RLY Oh You're Being Monitored I Shot The Serif
I hate sandcastles Traffic Monster It's A Trap! Chipmunk love
Hugs time? What is this? Jew Jitsu Happy

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Don't Look At This Chicken!
You just lost. (picture)
Snoop Dogg in Pittsburgh gear
I guess Snoop Dogg really is a Pittsburgh fan. (picture)
The real WWF
The new logo after the merger of the World Wildlife Federation and the World Wrestling Federation. (picture)
Even if you hate everything... no one hates hula hoops. (picture)
Peep Show
Returning to dIL\'s roots as a more college-targeted site, here\'s a Peep Show for your enjoyment. (picture)
Subliminal Messaging
Some shows are "Coming Soon" to Galaxy Cinemas. (picture)
No matter how many times you try, you can\'t shoot the dog in Duck Hunt. (picture)
Face in car headlights
Once you see that face, you can\'t NOT see the face even if you try. (picture)
O RLY? YA RLY. (picture)
Oh, hi. (picture)
You're Being Monitored
You Are Being Monitored (picture)
I Shot The Serif
...but I did not shoot the century (gothic). (picture)
I hate sandcastles
That kid means business. (picture)
Traffic Monster
This is about the only thing that could make your commute take even longer. (picture)
It's A Trap!
Admiral Ackbar knows when it's a trap. (picture)
Chipmunk love
Awww, that's sweet. (picture)
Hugs time?
Is it can be hugs tiem now plees? (picture)
What is this?
SPARTAAAAA! (final answer Regis). (picture)
Jew Jitsu
You make me smile just like this. (picture)