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Alien Invasion Alien Invasion
A Galaga, Galaxian, Space Invaders clone.
Core Salvage Core Salvage
An interesting spin on typical breakout/pong games. It also has a plot if you're into that.
Corpses of the III Reich Corpses of the III Reich
Very in-depth, violent game. More than you would expect to be able to do in a flash game. A little tricky to learn the controls.
Hunga: Basic Needs Hunga: Basic Needs
A connect-the-pipes game. One of the most fun and addictive games from totallygame.com
Hunga: Hatch Hunga: Hatch
A collapse-the-colors game. Fun & addictive.
Park-A-Lot Park-A-Lot
If you have the urge to practice being a valet without actually getting paid for it... here's your shot.
QuickPic QuickPic
A fun memory game. You get shown the location of all of the cards for a moment, then it becomes a game like 'concentration' until you finish.
Splash and Dash Splash and Dash
A 'Need for Speed' meets 'Poll Position' game. Customize your car and race it against the competition to get more money to customize even more.
World Domination World Domination
Your chance to nuke Osama Bin Laden or Kim Jong Il and spread your memes across the globe.
Youdafly Youdafly
Fly and walk around the picnic table and get fed. Watch out for the fly-swatter.
Youdasperm Youdasperm
You're swimming on a mission. For some reason this game seems oddly familiar...
Final Fortress Final Fortress
Shoot a cannon and use cash to build a fortress to protect your base from land, sea, and air threats. Totally cool.
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